I initially started the business in 2022 because I got really big into flipping cars and I was generating a lot of extra cash and I wanted to invest it into a business. So I bought a truck and I initially started picking up people’s trash posted on Facebook groups and got referrals through word of mouth. I saved every single penny I made from that until I was able to buy a dump trailer. Then I thought, “What is the next move for me?”

There’s only so much I can do by myself with a dump trailer doing junk removal. I wanted to reinvest my profits into building the business and my mentor gave me the idea to get into dumpster rentals. So I did a little test trial and I started renting my dump trailer out which went really well and kept me busy.

I felt like I had gotten a taste of the industry, and it was something I wanted to go forward with, and I felt like I could succeed and do really well in it. So I did a bunch of research on roll-offs and decided to make the jump. I initially got three roll-off dumpsters to start. Through word of mouth and making phone calls to GC’s and house flippers, I got busy enough to scale it and get bigger dumpsters and recently bought even more dumpsters. My goal is to continue to scale it into the future and become the dominant roll-off dumpster rental and junk removal company in the Tucson area. 

— Reid Bright (Owner).

Starting small

We evolved from picking up trash to investing in a dump trailer, strategically laying the foundation for future endeavors.

Venturing into Dumpster Rentals

Guided by mentorship, we tested the waters with dump trailer rentals, witnessing success and prompting a deeper dive into the industry.

Scaling Up

Starting with three dumpsters, we've grown through word of mouth, outreach to industry professionals, and strategic acquisitions, continually scaling our operations.

Future Aspirations

Our journey is ongoing, with a steadfast commitment to becoming the leading rolloff dumpster rental and junk removal company in the Tucson area.

Your Reliable Partner in Waste Management

We’re not just renting out dumpsters; we’re providing a solution that is straightforward, reliable, and tailored to your specific requirements. Choose us for a hassle-free, professional, and customer-focused experience in waste management.

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